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Berlin meets Asia-Pacific

Die Asien-Pazifik-Wochen in Berlin waren bis zu ihrer Einstellung ein Kind unseres Hauses. Seit 1997 dient diese von der Senatskanzlei von Berlin und dem jeweils amtierenden Regierenden Bürgermeister getragene Initiative dem transkontinentalen Dialog der Kulturen, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Gesellschaft.

Asien-Pazifik-Wochen 2011

Im September 2011 fanden ab dem 6.9. die nunmehr 8. Asien-Pazifik-Wochen statt.

Die Beziehungen mit den Partnerländern der Asien-Pazifik-Region stehen im Zentrum der in diesem Jahr unter der Schirmherrschaft des Bundespräsidenten stattfindenden Veranstaltungsreihe des Landes Berlin, in der an die 300 Veranstaltungen sich den wirtschaftlichen, kulturellen und politischen Beziehungen widmen. Aktuelle Informationen zum Thema finden Sie unter, der Webseite des Asien-Pazifik-Forums Berlin.

Das German Global Trade Forum Berlin organisiert in der Zeit der Asien-Pazifik-Wochen mit seinen Partnern mehrere Delegationsreisen nach Deutschland und führt im Rahmen der "Green Cities- Green Industries - The Berlin Conference" am 12. und 13. September eine Reihe von Foren und Ländertagen durch. Das Programm ist ambitioniert.

Asien-Pazifik-Wochen 2011

Berlin met Asia

Berlin met Asia

Asien Pazifik Wochen 2011 - Asia-Pacific-Weeks

The Asia Pacific Weeks




Since 1997 every two years, Berlin becomes the European centre for international exchange, relations, business, organisations, associations, and individuals related to the Asia-Pacific Region. As former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder pointed out in 2003: "Berlin is Europe`s gate way to Asia and Asia`s gate way to Europe .

Berlin which is placed in the heart of the European continent and which is the future Seat of the Government of the in 1990 united Germany, is the hub of international dialogue and the window for German commitment in the world. No other place in Europe is as appropriate as Berlin for the exchange of ideas and visions because of its history full of changes.

The Asia-Pacific developing region shows greatest expansion in the economy and in trade flows. More and more people recognise the relocation of the chief stress of the economy in this region, which only a few decades ago had to fight with the inheritance of its past. During the last 50 years nations which have only recently become independent, have become flourishing newly industrialised and industrialised countries. These countries achieve importance nowadays not only because of their economic development but also because of their social mobility and dynamism. It can be foreseen that the developing countries in Asia Pacific will considerably influence and mould the development of the next century because of their important economic potential. Even the countries which avoided contact with the international public in the last centuries and wanted to find their own way into the future, now recognise that the future can only be successfully moulded when the "bamboo curtain" has been raised. Opening up brings freedom and exchange. Both these characteristics are the premises for a positive future development.

The countries in this region stand out not only because of their success. The particular gift of the Asia-Pacific population to link tradition and the modern age, adjusting it to their own conditions, makes their capacity clear not only to give answers full of promise but also their capacity to translate them into action. In Asia it turned out that the long burden of the North-South conflict could be overcome for the benefit of all the peoples involved.

The Asia-Pacific-Weeks should bring the countries and regions in Asia, Australia and Europe closer together. Various kinds of activities involving economy, culture, social and politics will underline this intention.

Enterprises, organisations, the public, all the people who are interested are invited to take part in the Asia-Pacific-Weeks with their own activities or in association with others. In this period Berlin will be the meeting point and the place for strategic discussions, alliances, co-operations, meetings or simply entertainment and for getting to know each other.

The German and European interest in the Asia Pacific region is traditionally considerable. For this reason we are confident that the Asia-Pacific-Weeks could be the beginning of greater enterprise in the future.


Bringing together the available knowledge and experiences in culture, science and economy, which are available in Germany, it is possible to attract attention during the Asia-Pacific-Weeks to the significance of the developing regions.

The Aims of the Asia-Pacific-Weeks in Berlin are particularly:the creation of a lasting centre of dialogue and exchange between the East and the West, especially between the European countries and the developing Asia-Pacific regions,

+ the building and the strengthening of existing relations between businesses, organisations, scientific institutions and individuals,

+ the development and realisation of new initiatives, regarding the efforts to change the world after the end of the cold war,

+ the speading of information about the countries of this region, their economical, political, social, cultural and geographical peculiarities,

+ the awakening of reciprocal curiosity,

+ the improvement of cultural understanding, the encouragement of tolerance in order to contribute to cultural dialogue and exchange,

+ the fostering of development of economic co-operation through commerce and investments on all sides,

+ the presentation of the various firm"s and institution"s activities,

+ the intensification of intercultural and scientific collaboration between universities, and colleges as well as between students and also the exchange of trainee students.The Asia-Pacific-Weeks are addressed to a specialised public as well as to politicians, industrialists, individuals, business people and organisations.

The countries of the Asia Pacific regions - for example Pakistan, India, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Chorea, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, Mongolia, Vietnam and Indonesia will be presented during the talks, firm-presentations, the various countries economic-days, open door days, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre-, film and opera performances. The whole region should find and maintain the attention of the public and of all the people and organizations involved.


A special by-program is offered on demand for Asian delegations in varies sectors: Transportation, Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport, Medical & Hospital Sector, Meeting with government officials, Investment Units such Board of Investment Germany, Business Associations, Embassies.


Ministers, Ambassadors, Mayors, representatives of the business community, professional intermediaries, attorney, tax planners, bankers, government officials, economists, company professionals, matchmaker of various business sectors.


Guests and Delegations from the Asia Pacific Region are welcome to participate. Invitations of the City of Berlin may be applied by email: Participation will be confirmed by email upon prior approval.

Enterprises, organizations or individuals interested in a company presentation, exhibition, business matching or any other activity at the conference may contact the organizers by email. A profile in English or should be provided.


The German Global Trade Forum Berlin is an international network with its headquarters in London and Berlin to promote international trade, service, investment and exchange. Partners and branch offices are located in more than 46 countries on all continents (2010). To be successful in building a new business in a foreign culture and economic environment, your company needs partners who are familiar with the markets, people and structures of your destination country. Trustworthy partners are essential for small to medium-sizes companies that frequently do not have the resources to research foreign markets on their own. The worldwide network of German Global Trade Forum Berlin, in cooperation with the national and international agencies, offers your institution or company efficient and reliable assistance in entering foreign markets. Building high quality networks is crucial to establishing a successful business abroad. We offer our members access to a comprehensive business network in Germany and abroad. Through systematic networking on site, and up-to-date information, we help your company to be prepared for new and changing condition with other entrepreneurs.

To create a dedicated and effective forum for the development of International- German trade relations* To provide information of practical relevance for commencement and implementation of business activities world wide* To offer a platform for business relations and cooperation, including networking opportunities* To represent the interests of German or international industry when dealing with the German government or Ministries abroad.

Regular events allow our members to get in contact with each other and gain access to the international business community. Aside from the formal annual Forum Dinner with prominent political and economic speakers, the Forum also organizes popular informal events like the "German Business & Technology Forum .

The Forum pools its members opinions and concern and to present a united voice to Foreign and German government authorities. Within the scope of delegations, politicians are interested in a dialogue with Europe enterprises on site and continually ask the Forum for support.

All our members receive one copy of the "Membership Directory , our bi-monthly economic magazine "Business Forum and our bi-monthly Forum magazine "German Global Trade News .

In cooperation with the Foreign Ministries of Economic and Trade, Chambers of Industry and Commerce a.others the Forum provides its members with many services for special situations. Office openings, contact conclusion, personal recruitment, organization of delegation trips and fairs, translation services, and visa matters are all areas where the Delegation offers assistance. Additionally, members can use our website for job offers and advertisement. Members receive discount prices up 50% on most services!

We provide the International Community with a platform to interact and get in contact with each other.

The German Global Trade Forum is a strong community with strong partners and very effective contacts. Our partners and members provide special offers to our members.

The Forum is actively involved in organizing events in Germany, and provides systematic and practice- relevant information on the opportunities and risks of doing business in all jurisdictions abroad.


Members of the Advisory Board of the Asia Pacific Weeks of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit are among others:

Dr. Guido Westerwelle, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs - Rainer Brüderle, Federal Minister of Economics and Technology - Dirk Niebel, Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Bernd Neumann, Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor - Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media -
Peter Löscher, Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business and Chairman of the Board of Siemens AG - Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lehmann, President of the Goethe-Institut, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Peter Keitel, President of the Federation of German Industries - Prof. Dr. Hans Heinrich Driftmann, President of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jörg Bullinger, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft - Prof. Dr. Hermann Parzinger, President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation - Liz Mohn, Vice-Chair of the Bertelsmann Stiftung Executive Board - Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE - Wolfgang Dehen - Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, CEO of the Energy Sector - Martin Jäger, Head of Global External Affairs and Public Policy, Daimler AG - Dr. Bernd M. Scherer, Director of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt - Dr. Martin Posth - Commissioner of the Asia-Pacific Weeks.


Since September is a "high season in German tourist and fair industry, hotel reservations should be arranged early in advance. The German Global Trade Forum Berlin is ready to assist you when ever requested.


Conference languages will be German and English. Powerpoint or other presentations should be at least in one conference language. Each forum facility is fully equipped with beamer, screen and audio facilities.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details of participation or fees and expenses for exhibits etc. The conference fee of the non profit event will cover lunch, organisations and services provided.

Delegations to Berlin shall bear their own travel expenses according international standards including accommodation and expenses for official receptions or other activities related to the own presentations. The organizers offer a wide range of services for delegations such as transportation, translation, secretary, assistance matchmaking a.m.m.

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