Harbin International Trade Fair

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Harbin Trade & Cooperation Fair

Harbin International Fair

Harbin International Fair

The 23nd China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (Deutsch Fassung)


China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (Harbin Trade Fair) is a large-scale national level international fair approved by the Chinese government. The fair is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People"s Republic of China, National Development and Reform Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the People"s Government of Heilongjiang Province, the People"s Government of Zhejiang Province,the People"s Government of Harbin Municipality and co-sponsored by governmental departments and trade promotional institutions from over 10 countries including the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation, the Association of the Promotion of International Trade of Japan. Since its first session in 1990, the Fair has been successfully held for 21 consecutive years. 1.6 million exhibitors and visitors from more than 80 countries and regions attended the fair with over US 100 billion contract volume concluded. The fair builds an effective platform and plays an important role for further expanding opening up, promoting domestic economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, jointly developing Northeast Asian markets. With the first class exhibition environment, complete service functions, profound customer resources, the 22nd Harbin Trade Fair will provide more business and investment opportunities, and build an economic, trade, scientific and technological cooperation and exchange platform for enterprises.

You are cordially invited to the 23nd China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair!

Exhibition Period:

June 15th -19th, 2011 8:30 - 17:00

Harbin International Conference Exhibition and Sports Center
(Address: No. 301 Hongqi Str., Nangang Distr., Harbin, China)

Exhibition Coverage
76,000 exhibition area (Hall A, B,C,D, 3,000 international standard booths)

Exhibition Area

High Tech Exhibition Area:

New material, new energy, energy efficient technology, biomedical technology, advanced manufacturing and informatization technology, agricultural innovation, elaborate and deep manufacturing technology, environmental friendly technology and public security technology, etc.

Modern Agricultural Exhibition Area:
Agricultural science and technology promotion, organic food, green food, pollution-free agricultural products, special deep processing agricultural products, etc.

Construction Materials and Household Goods Exhibition Area:
Kitchen & toilet appliances, construction hardware and fittings, steel structure, color coated steel sheet, decoration boards and plates, paving materials, energy efficient and heat insulating material, windows & doors, decorating materials and household goods, etc.

Light Industry Exhibition Area:
Packing and printing materials, lamps & illuminations, household electric appliances, office stationery, sports goods, etc.

Machinery and Electric Products Pavilion:
Woodwork machinery, foodstuff processing machinery, packing machinery, plastic machinery, water treatment equipment, power machinery, mechanical equipment and fittings, printing equipment, hardware & hand tools, electrical equipment, auto fittings (exhibited in outdoor exhibition tent); Large scale engineering machinery, agriculture and forestry machinery, large scale vehicles, passenger vehicles, etc. (exhibited on the square)

Foreign Countries Exhibition Area:
Promotion for Investment Environment and Projects, tourism and local customs, special exhibits from foreign countries.

Furniture Pavilion:
Panel furniture, children"s furniture, office furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, mattress, etc.

Business Activities

1. Russian Business Day

2. Matchmaking Meeting for Chinese and Foreign Professional Buyers on machinery and electric products, construction materials and household goods. Chinese and foreign suppliers and buyers may register on our website: www.ichtf.com, the organizer shall search for suitable business partners accordingly. Deadline for registration is May 30th.

3. Promotion and Business Activities for foreign countries.

4. Investment Projects Presentation for Heilongjiang Province.

Exhibitors and Visitors

1. Exhibitors may register on our website: www.ichtf.com or fill out the "registration form for exhibitors , fax company"s information to the fair, deadline for registration is May 15th.
2. Visitors may register on our website: www.ichtf.com, deadline for registration is June 15th.
3. We will provide business consulting, customers matchmaking, trade matchmaking, online supply and demand information release services, etc.

Booth Cost
1. Indoor international standard 9 3m 3m booths are available at US$1,500 each during the exhibition. Each indoor standard booth is facilitated with 3 pieces of exhibiting boards, a desk, 3 chairs, a piece of carpet, 2 spotlights, a power socket of 220V/3A (within 500W), a dustbin, a lintel board with Chinese/English/Russian name of the exhibitor.
2. Indoor exhibition bare land is available at US$155/ with a minimum requirement of 36 during the exhibition and increase by 9 , with no exhibition devices.
3. Machinery and Electric products Pavilion (exhibition tent):Each 9 booth costs US$900 during the exhibition. Each booth is facilitated with 3 pieces of exhibiting boards, a desk, 3 chairs, 2 spotlights, a power socket of 220V/3A (within 500W), a lintel board with Chinese/English/Russian name of the exhibitor. Exhibits handling is free, cable lines used for machinery shall be facilitated by exhibitors, electricity charges shall be borne by exhibitors.
4. Outdoor large-scale machinery exhibition area is available at US$20/ during the exhibition, the minimum area to lease is 25 , no exhibition facilities and power supply provided.


1.You are kindly requested to remit the rent for booth prior to May 31st, any delay in remitting of the above rent shall be regarded as a voluntary withdrawal from the exhibition, booth reserved for you will be rearranged.

2. Payee: Administration Office of China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair
3. Bank of Account for US dollars: Bank of China, Heilongjiang Branch
4. Add: No. 19 Hongjun St., Nangang Dist., Harbin China
5. Account Number: 0000166451764815

1. Foreign exhibitors and visitors may obtain invitation letter from the organizing committee of Harbin Trade Fair or through your Chinese partners (you are kindly requested to provide the following information to the organizer: full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, title, and passport number).Foreign exhibitors and visitors may go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country for entry visa with the invitation letter from Harbin Trade Fair.
2. Also, you can entrust Travel Agency to apply for visa.

Transportation team shall provide concerning exhibits transportation services. For further information please refer to transportation guide or visit www.ichtf.com.
Contacts: Ms. Zhang Yan Mr. Sun Shu
Tel: +86-451-82340100 Fax: +86-451-82340226/82345874

1. Exhibitor card: every standard booth (9 ) is facilitated with 3 cards, every 25 Outdoor Large-scale Machinery Exhibition Area is facilitated with 3 cards.

2. Exhibitor and visitor card shall be applied online at www.ichtf.com. Please submit the passport, name card and a color photo of 37mm 37mm online.

Booth Setup and Dismantling
1. Booth setup and Dismantling time:
June 8th -12:00 of June 14th : Self-decoration booth setup
June 12th -12:00 of June 14th : Standard booth setup
12:00 of June 14th : Exhibition Hall shall close for security inspection
15:00 of June 19th 18:00 of June 20th : Booth Dismantling

2. Self-decoration booths setup implements construction access mechanism and strictly follows the "Construction and Design Management Stipulations of China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair , for further information please visit www.ichtf.com.

3. For self-decoration booths, all the setup work shall be done outside the exhibition hall and may assemble in the hall. The height of exhibition for indoor booths may not exceed 6 meters, the height of exhibition for Machinery and Electric Products Pavilion shall not exceed 4 meters. Inflammable material and power lead must be fire-proof treated.

4. In case you have specific need for decoration of standard booth or dismantle the isolation board between booths, please submit to us in advance your floor plan, dismantle drawing of the booth to Harbin Trade Fair for approval prior to May 31st. Should any change be made after the completion of the booth, setup work shall not be performed until the application is approved and extra fee is paid after June 8th.

5. In the course of booth setup, it is not allowed to occupy public space or block anti-fire equipment. Exhibitors must clean up all the setup wastes and packaging materials instantly.

6. Exhibits entrance during the fair are not allowed.

Exhibition Services
1. Harbin Trade Fair shall provide concerning assistance for exhibitors and visitors such as booking hotel, recommending concerning travel agencies to help arrange reception & visiting schedule, engaging translator, etc.

2. Service Center in the pavilion offers the following services: rental of exhibition facilities, post, tickets, network, business center, etc.

3. Harbin Trade Fair shall provide services for enterprises such as enterprise website construction and maintenance, exhibitor.

Sponsored by

Ministry of Commerce of the People"s Republic of China
National Development and Reform Commission of the People"s Republic of China
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
The People"s Government of Heilongjiang Province
The People"s Government of Zhejiang Province
The People"s Government of Harbin Municipality
information inquiry, etc. For further information please refer to www.ichtf.com.
Advertising Services
Heilongjiang Wuzhou International Exhibition Advertisement Co., Ltd. is the authorized exclusive advertisement agency, mainly dealing with advertisement in the exhibition hall, main streets of Harbin, Guidebook of Harbin Trade Fair, entrance tickets and commercial network of Harbin Trade Fair.
Contacts: Mr. Zhang Jianxun Ms. Liu Yihong.
Tel: +86-451-82340100 Fax: +86-451-82386667
Website: www.chwzg.com Email:wz@ichtf.com


Administration Office of China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair
Add: No.35 Meishun St., Nangang Dist., Harbin China 150090
Contacts: Ms. Zhang Yan Mr. Sun Shu
Tel: +86-451-82340100 Fax: +86-451-82340226
Website: www.ichtf.com E-mail: eng@ichtf.com

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