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German Energy Center & College

The "German Energy Center & College GmbH" is a management company to promoto German new energy technology, services and educational services with a first investment in China. Based on the co-operation with the German Industry the company erected the "German Energy Center & College Shanghai" for the EXPO 2010. Unlike the EXPO the Center still operates and offers members and customers first contact to new technology, knowledge and potential business partners. Speaker-Profile: download here.

Joint-Venture partners for similar projects are welcome.

Johannes Freise

Johannes Freise, President & Ceo

German Energy Center & College

Johannes Freise
Auf dem Bruche 21, 33154 Salzkotten
+49 5251 776043
+49 5251 776077
German 2 September 1951, male.
Download CV. [94 KB]

Partner / Managing Director German Energy Centre & College GmbH
Managing Director of a nonprofit private school council
Managing Director Studentenwerk Paderborn (public agency providing social, financial and cultural support services to students); 09/200012/2007 Managing Director of Tectum GmbH, subsidiary of Studentenwerk Paderborn 01/200412/2007 Managing Director of Pohlweg GmbH, subsidiary of Studentenwerk Paderborn
Government official of the German State of North RhineWestphalia in the University of Paderborn; director of the student office
Administrative officer in the labor agency –land NRW – Düsseldorf
Federal Labor Office Certificate: DiplomVerwaltungswirt (diploma) Qualification as nontechnical executive officer
Advanced technical college entrance qualification.

Markus Kamann

Markus Kamann, China Desk

German Energy College & Center

Markus Kamann
Annette von DrosteStr. 11,
D33098 Paderborn
Tel. +49 5251 776067
eMail. mkamann@gpdm.de
German, born 11.08.1967, male

08. 1985 – 06.1988 Trainee /Apprentice Elektrobau Methling & Pooth, Wesel

05.1996 – 01.1999 Development Leader Project Management: Pilot projects for KMU and development of training courses for managers (Engineers, social education specialists and business managers – Academics in Personal and Organisational Development) InBIT gGmbH, Paderborn

Since 1999 Managing Director Consultancy and company in which a participation is held by 7 incorporated societies, in responsibility of Human Resource Development activities in 150 mediumsized companies Zeus GmbH, Breslauer Str. 31, 33098 Paderborn

Since 1999 Managing Director Organisation of the incorporated society in Human Resource Development “Kompakt e.V.”, Training courses for executives and junior staff, Moscow 1994,Organisation of a companionship for established apprenticeshipnetworks Conception „Generation Gold“, Höxter and Paderborn, Development and implementation: Training courses “Sales and distribution” for educational institutions

Work experience abroad: China Concepts for academes in the automotive sector / chemical sector and mediumsized
businesses in engineering Egypt German Energy Center & College Vietnam Syndication cooperative project / Model for BMBF and mediumsized businesses
(educational institutions and companies Gpdm mbh, Breslauer Str. 31, 33098 Paderborn)


Urban Development

German Energy Center & College Das in Paderborn "geborene" Projekt des "German Energy Center & College" ist inzwischen eine Erfolgsstory.

DENA - German Energy Agency DENA at Green Cities - Green Industries - The Berlin Conference. Nicole Pillen presents China study on new energy standards.

Ruge Architects Ruge Architects Berlin are international architects operating in and from Berlin. A special focus of the projects is Asia.

Baumschlager-Eberle Gerd Jäger Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Freier Architekt BDA Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter / Managing Par...


Far Eastern Beratungs GmbH The Far Eastern Beratungs- and Handelsgesellschaft mbH belongs to the top German consulting units operating in China and Asia. One of the projects is the development of the "Eco-Park-Qingdao"

von Gerkan, Marg & Partner Von Gerkan, Marg & Partner or better known as "gmp" are participants and speakers of the German-Chinese Construction Forum and one of the leading German architects association.

GeoClimaDesign GeoclimaDesign is the German answer for new energy & energy efficiency technologies based on high tech


Bayer Material Science China Dr. Michael Voigt of Bayer Material Science China will introduce Bayer`s world wide stat of the art know how in building materials, know and technology.

Future Cooling Solutions "Future Cooling Solutions" is an innovative project of Rostock`s University to reduce energy in cooling systems in both, private and industrial use. A privite limited company is entitled to introduce the technology in the markets.

Palmetto Clean Tech Palmetto Clean Technologies GmbH is a Berlin based high tech water company.

Milde & Möser Architects Milde & Möser Archtects is a German firm of architects based in Pirna/Germany with project experience in Asia. Vietnams national heritage is subject of the presentation at the "Green Cities - Green Industries - The Berlin Conference".