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Baader Food Processing

BAADER 1919 - Quality since 1919
In the course of the years, the company Nordischer Maschinenbau Rud.Baader GmbH & Co. KG founded in 1919 by Rudolph M.J. Baader has developed into a worldwide leading manufacturer of machines and systems for food processing.
To date Lübeck in Germany is the location of the head office.

Today BAADER is a group with prduction sites in Luebeck, the US, Iceland etc. as well as subsidiaries and offices in the US, Canada, Chile, UK, Denmark, Namibia, Norway, Russia etc.

Production program:
At present, BAADER's major competences comprise three product ranges:
The traditional support of the group of companies is the extensive program of fish processing machines and systems, as well as engineering The versatile belt separators Machines for the poultry processing industry Production:Since its foundation, the BAADER company has been attaching much importance to state of the art production technology in order to ensure the precise manufacture of many thousands of individual parts. A comprehensive quality assurance system guarantees a defined quality.
Research and Development:
Research and development have a particular rank in the company. Experienced graduated engineers, electronics engineers, technicians and mechanists are working in laboratories, design and research departments to find innovative solutions for the manifold tasks.
Only those companies pursuing research and development can offer to their customers innovative solutions at highest level
Spare-Parts and Services:
The large centralized spare parts store in Lübeck, decentralized service centers and agencies in over 70 locations worldwide, efficient serial production and preassembly of the highly precise spare parts as well as the daily shipment of spare parts guarantee the customer a maximum of benefit and productivity of the BAADER machines.


Kourosh Pourkian

Kourosh Pourkian - Pourkian Group

Green Cities-Green Industries-The Berlin Conference

Dipl.-Kfm. Kourosh Pourkian will represent Baader Group and present Baader International Bio & Food Processing Standards.

Telefon+49 (040) 24 15 16
Fax+49 (040) 24 66 97

Rudolf Baader Lübeck

Die BAADER Group mit Sitz in der Hansestadt Lübeck/Deutschland wird heute in dritter Generation familiengeführt und steht nun mit ihren über 150 Jahren Food-Kompetenz für Made in Germany. Sie bietet Spezialmaschinen, Bearbeitungslinien sowie -Anlagen
und -lösungen für die industrielle und handwerkliche Fisch-, Fleisch-, Geflügel, Obst- und Gemüsebearbeitung an. Und dies auch mit Hochleistungsmaschinen z. B. für die Heringsbearbeitung, um bis zu 24.000 Fischfilets pro Stunde zu schneiden, oder um im Geflügelbereich bis zu 12.000 Tiere pro Stunden zu bearbeiten. Frei nach dem Motto: „from live bird catching to final batching“. Die Kundennähe stellt BAADER mit über 70 Stützpunkten auf der Welt sicher. Und das weltweit fachgerechte Maintenance und intensive Schulungen für das Personal der Kunden sind selbstverständlich. 2010 wurde BAADER in das „Lexikon der deutschen Weltmarktführer“ aufgenommen.

Baader / LINCO

Baader/Linco International

Green Cities-Green Industries - The Berlin Conference



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